Compassion Givers is a monthly program that allows you to choose which level of giving is best for you.  With each level, you will find opportunities that Community Share will give back to you, as well as give you opportunities to pay it forward. 

All levels include vouchers to be used in the Compassion Giver warehouse.  You may use the voucher for yourself, or pay it forward by giving it to someone in need.  

  • COMPASSION GIVER: you give $30/month,  you receive $30 voucher/month

  • HEART GIVER:   you give $50/month, you receive $50 voucher/month

  • KINDNESS GIVER:  you give $100/month, you receive $100 voucher/month

  • GRACE GIVER:  you give $250/month, you receive $100 voucher/month

  • MERCY GIVER:  you give $500/month, you receive $100 voucher/month

  • DIFFERENCE-MAKER:  you give $1,000/month, you receive 2 days per year to invite employees from your organization to shop the warehouse 

  • CHANGE-MAKER:  you give $2,500/month, you receive a logo on key Community Share communication, a Compassion Partner membership to give to a local non-profit of your choice, and a day once a quarter to invite employees from your organization to shop the warehouse.


When you donate to the Compassion Giver Program, you are giving much more than money- you are gifting compassion, kindess, grace, and hope.  You are making a difference in someone's life and making a change in our community.  For that, we thank you. 

When you click on the link below, you will be asked to register to our online system.  It won't take long, just a little bit of basic information.  Please be sure to register, click on SCHEDULED GIVING, choose the compassion giver package best for you, enter amount of the package, and follow the rest of the steps.

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