The Compassion Partner program is designed to allow Community Share to give back to non-profit organizations in our area, as well as engage non-profits in the mission of Community Share.

We are setting aside and organizing a large portion of our warehouse space on North Main Street to allow your non-profit to "shop" with us!  Each partner will be permitted to send 2 people once a week to shop at the warehouse.  Visits will be by appointment only and you will be allotted 30 minutes to get as much as you want or can carry from the warehouse.  This program is a great way to stock up on office supplies, art supplies, school supplies, or items that could help other specific areas of your organization at a huge savings.

The cost of the partnership program is $600/year to offset the costs of maintenance of the warehouse, as well as fulfilling the mission of Community Share Ministries.  Each shopping segment will be a $30 flat fee, with no limitation as to what can be purchased (however there may be some limitations on volume of specific items).  

There will also be times when special items may come in, like a truck load of milk - and we will offer these items to our partners for a additional minimal cost.  Community Share will have people available to help, as well as carts in order to make your experience as easy and fruitful as possible.  

We hope this program will bless local organizations who partner with us, giving them access to goods from major vendors across the country.  Virtually all of the merchandise is new - it is usually returns or overstocks from locations like Wal-Mart, CVS, Office Depot, Walgreens, etc.  Barcodes will be marked through before items leaves the warehouse, and each partner must sign a waiver stating that the goods are not to be used for resale or barter.  They must be consumed by the organization or given away.  

This program will benefit your organization, while also giving Community Share Ministries the ability to bring more into the community - we currently have to turn trucks away because the warehouse is overflowing with goods.

Here are some examples of what you can find in the warehouse as a Compassion Partner:


Crafts and Art Supplies

Health and Beauty Items


Cleaning Supplies

Home Goods and Supplies


Kitchen Supplies

School Supplies




To become a Compassion Partner, please click below, choose the "Fund" of Compassion Partner, and enter your ONE TIME payment of $600.  Once this is complete, someone will contact you to complete the required waivers and discuss further details of the program with you.

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