Volunteering in the Warehouse is the primary need for volunteer help and support.  This is a great opportunity for a large group to come and help sort and organize donations and truck loads that come through!  Don't have a large group?  That's o.k. too - there is plenty to do!

Warehousing not your thing?  Your time could also be used to assist the foster families and homes with house cleaning, yard work, reading with the kids, and babysitting!  

In your message below, please indicate what you are interested in volunteering for and how many within your group. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration of helping Community Share Ministries!


Let us know in the message section how you'd like to help and how many are in your group.  Someone will contact you soon to discuss dates and volunteer opportunities.

1116 N Main St, Cedartown, GA 30125, USA

1116 North Main Street, Cedartown, GA, 30125


(678) 634-4395

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